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It's good to know what other people think, isn't it? Here's who I work with, and what my clients are saying.

My talent, experience, and expertise have made me the go-to writer and editor for governments, multinationals, and media giants, as well as private individuals, start-ups, and non-profits. I work on everything from one-off pieces to ongoing projects, always adding value to every commission. Have a look at the slider below to discover a few of my clients.

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Fountain Pen

Alix is a regular contributor to our portfolio of luxury publications. With her unparalleled command of the English language, exceptional intelligence, and true passion for her craft, Alix works with complete professionalism, on time and in budget, to create editorial outlines, write impeccable content, and edit entire magazines. Her dedication, knowledge, experience and curiosity set her apart – her clients are assured of exceptional work and outstanding value, every single time.

Eleni Polydorou, CEO of Polydorou Design

Neat Desk

As the Chief Editor of the Cyprus Mail and Sunday Mail newspapers, I have worked with Alix for many years. An exemplary writer with a superb command of the English language, she is both highly creative and extremely disciplined, never failing to deliver to deadline. Her unique voice and writing style, along with her talent for audience engagement and flair for social media, have made Alix a highly valued member of our team.

Jean Christou, Editor in Chief at the Sunday Mail

Fashion Spreads

As Head of Content, I am responsible for editorial across a range of magazines and websites, and have commissioned Alix for various international projects.
Both creative and exceptionally disciplined, she is an exemplary writer, delivering captivating prose in a unique voice that needs no editing. One of the rare creatives who never misses a deadline, Alix is a total pleasure to work with. 

Zoe Christodoulides, Head of Content at Action Global Communications

Violin Shop_edited.jpg

Alix has written for our Foundation on innumerable occasions, approaching each subject with thoroughness, sensitivity and insight; demonstrating remarkable perceptiveness on complex topics. Alix has a unique talent for targeting and engaging her audience with expert content. A natural-born writer, her work reveals a person both creative and meticulous. Alix well deserves her unrivalled reputation as a leading writer and editor.

Yvonne Georgiadou, Artistic Director of The Pharos Arts Foundation

Office Desk_edited.jpg

From ideation to completed project, clients quickly realise they can count on Alix. She will invest as much time as it takes to thoroughly research any project before presenting a carefully crafted piece - always written in her own distinctive and eminently readable voice. It is indeed a pleasure to work with such a writer/editor; Alix is one of the few conscientious creatives who can - without fail - follow a brief and deliver outstanding copy.

Dina Mylordou, Marketing & Communications Specialist


A writer who requires no editing, Alix consistently delivers engaging content and excellent value for money. Never missing a deadline, her wealth of knowledge allows her to approach any subject, style and audience with a singular attention to detail. I have had the pleasure of working with Alix on various projects over the last ten years, and am always delighted by her valuable insights and superlative command of the English language.

Leo Leonidou, Editor at The Sunday Mail

Chess Game_edited.jpg

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Alix in relation for a piece on game development. She fostered excellent communication from the very start, making me feel very comfortable throughout the process. She quickly grasped the essence of our firm's concept and our vision and presented it in the most engaging way possible. She simply nailed it.

Michalis Mavromichalis, Entrepreneur and Game Developer

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