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Want to know more? Here are the answers to the questions I'm most often asked.

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What services do you provide?

I work as a writer, editor, and proofreader. If it involves the English language, I've done it! I work across a wide range of sectors - everything from finance to fashion to food.

How do I hire you?

Hiring my services is a simple process that begins with a no obligation chat over the phone or via email. You'll discover full details under How It Works: a quick, simple guide to what you can expect when you first contact me.

Can we chat online?

Yes! You can email or call me, or contact me through Viber, WhatsApp, or Skype. I also use Zoom, Teams, and Messenger to talk with clients. We live in a digital world, and I love being able to connect with clients all over the world with a couple of clicks!

What will it cost me?

Ah - the vital question! I know exactly how it feels to contact someone only to discover their rates are untenable. So I make sure I know the full details of your project and what you can afford before we discuss cost. Rest assured, I'm flexible when it comes to pricing: I know the value of my services and I'm never going to charge you more than I'm worth.

If I contact you, do I have to hire you?

Absolutely not! It's just a friendly chat or a message - there's no charge whatsoever. We'll discuss your project, talk about what you need, and clarify vision. I'm frequently contacted by potential clients who aren't quite sure what they require, or how to go about it. But that's what I'm here for; I'm always happy to offer my expertise and advice.

My project is unusual. Can you help?

Absolutely! I've brought my talent and expertise to bear on all sorts of different projects over the years. I've written scripts for tv and radio, letters for diplomats, résumés for university students, and advertising copy for countless small businesses. I've edited and proofed theses, brochures, curricula vitae, and full-length books. I've worked on packaging, branding, and public service announcements. Whatever you have in mind, I'm here. And I'd love to know more.

Will this project take up my time?

No. Once you've hired me, the job is in my hands. You can be as involved as much as you like - once I've got the information I need, I will just get on with it. You have a professional on your team now: everything will run smoothly.


Will you have the time to help me?

Definitely! I have a fairly full roster of international clients, but I'm careful to keep time for new ventures. And I don't mess around: if your project needs to be completed by the end of the week, I'll take everything in hand and deliver exactly what you hoped for well within the deadline. 

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love it. I love language, and I love using my skills to help clients connect with the right audience. And whether I'm working on a carefully-crafted website, a full-length white paper, or a catchy press release, I take great pride in captivating the reader and promoting a client's message. 

What makes you different?

I have a creative heart and a logical mind - qualities that aren't usually coupled together in one person! So while I'm passionate about crafting meaningful messages that evoke emotion, connection, and understanding, I'm also extremely logical, organised, and driven. I take huge pride in exceeding clients' expectations: delivering outstanding work, and doing so before deadline. In the writing and editing world, you tend to get creatives who produce good content but mess you around, or deadline-driven automatons who create uninspired copy. With me, you'll get excellent work that's uniquely creative,  arrives on time, and stays on message. Plus you're working with a Cambridge-educated, native English speaker with an unparalleled understanding of the rules of grammar, punctuation, and usage - your text will be perfect!


Think you might be ready? Let's get in touch!

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