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Every project is as unique as its client. So, while I wish I could give you hard numbers right here, unless I know exactly what you need (what's the purpose of the text, who's your audience, where will it be published, when's your deadline?) I'd be doing us both a disservice. 

Instead, I can easily give you a quote. There’s no obligation to commit. And no project is too big or too small; I'll always be interested in what you have to say!


You’ll find I’m always willing to work with you to achieve the best results for a great price. And I'll never charge you more than the job is worth. Above all, I'm fair; I firmly believe you should be getting great value for your money.

But let's talk about this over the phone or via email. Just click the Quote button below (or give me a call), and you'll have your answer within minutes!

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