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Welcome! I'm Alix, and my Bio is brought to you by the letter C...

A Cyprus-based content creator and copywriter who hails from the Cotswold community of Chipping Norton, I crave connection and communication. I’m also a cat-lover, crafter, and composer (when I'm not writing words, I'm writing music), as well as a huge fan of crosswords, chocolate, and the Oxford comma.

I’m committed to crafting creative content and captivating copy. Why not contact me? Let's connect!

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My Story

I began my career writing for local newspapers and magazines. Within a few years, I was working with international brands such as The Telegraph, Action Global, and the Four Seasons Hotel Group, developing an impressive portfolio of marketing and social media skills, and even finding the time to mentor aspiring  writers.


Today, I’m both a Freelance Writer/Editor and the Chief Features Journalist for The Sunday Mail. I’ve built a vast network of contacts and clients, and am constantly furthering my skill set. With the luxury of choosing my clients, I’m just as happy working with an individual or start-up as a multi-national.

And when I'm not working? Well, I ski, sail, and windsurf; knit, sew, and craft; act (on stage and screen); and, at the end of a long day, love nothing better than a quiet hour at my piano. Over the past 10 years I've been commissioned to write about many of my hobbies; there is, I've learnt, a story in everything. And in everyone. 

Let me help you tell yours...

My story
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