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Looking for excellent content that conveys exactly what you want to say? Check out my services, or contact me for more information.

Want to know how the process works? Have a look at this.

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excellent copy │ creative content │ deadline-driven

Crafting your content from scratch, I adapt style and tone to engage your audience, delivering a captivating message across the following fields:

CVs/Bios Advertorials Press Releases Creative Writing News + Features Native Advertising Travel Writing + Blogging Business + Finance Writing Technical + Academic Writing 

If the field you're looking for doesn't appear, just ask. Not everything I've done fits in one box! 



succinct prose │ engaging content │ correct usage 

Already know what you want to say, but not sure how to say it? 

I'm an expert editor: a stickler for excellent content, especially when it comes to usage and grammar.


Familiar with all types of text, I'll help you clarify your thoughts, identify your audience, and organise your ideas into succinct, engaging content. Let me adapt your voice to your brand, and take your words from mediocre to miraculous!

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perfect English │ impeccable grammar │ triple-checked 

When your project is complete, but your clients are exacting, you need a double and triple check. 


This is where a professional proofreader comes in: someone with an outstanding command of spelling and grammar.


As an English-language expert with decades of experience, I'm here to ensure your final message is as professional as your brand.



Wondering how the process works? Here are the 3 simple steps we'll follow to ensure perfect content...

step 01

First we’ll have a chat (online or on the phone, whatever you prefer) and discuss what you need. I’m bringing years of expertise and experience to your project, as well as a background in branding, marketing, and social media, so I know exactly what style, format and tone you’ll require. ​There’s no obligation here. You can go away and think about what we’ve said, or sign me up on the spot – which means we’ll set a deadline, and agree on price.

step 02

Next, I'll draw up the Proposal and send it through. This may sound formal, but it's really just a written agreement saying I’ll work on this text, by this time, for this amount'. Now you can sit back and relax: your job is in excellent hands! I’ll have kept notes on everything we’ve said: your ideas, brand, target audience etc. I’ll develop these; thoroughly research your market, competitors, and demographic; and keep you in the loop throughout.

step 03

I’ll send you a first draft before the deadline. We’ll talk over the work and, if you have any updates or changes, we’ll fine-tune. And that’s it! Whether you need to market, engage, inform, or inspire, I deliver the exquisite writing that targets your audience, builds your brand, and exactly conveys the message you have in mind.

How it Works
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