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for Graff Diamonds

Commissioned by world-leading jewellery brand Graff Diamonds, this copy highlighted a sparkling new line of contemporary tiaras.

With the advent of the modern princess, the tiara has become, quite literally, a woman’s crowning glory. And nothing is as striking, as effortlessly elegant, as those unique creations by Laurence Graff, the King of Diamonds. Renowned for the  most unique pieces in the world, Graff is involved in every stage of the jewellery-making process, from the sourcing of each stone to the cutting, polishing and setting of each jewel. Ensuring that each tiara is fit for a queen amongst women.



From its humble beginnings as a Persian head-dress to the Halo Scroll tiara worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at her wedding to the future King of England (who could forget the flawless sparkle of those 739 brilliant-cut and 149 baguette diamonds?), the tiara has transformed through history… It’s our fairy-tale in diamond form, the one embellishment which transforms any woman into a princess for the day, the night, or the event of the season. And today, its modern interpretation has been perfected in the sparkling statement tiaras, dazzling diamond Alice bands and transformable jewellery hair-adornments of Graff.


Synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world, Graff Diamonds is said to have handled, throughout its rich history, more diamonds of rarity, magnitude and distinction than any other jeweller in the world. Long the crafter of tiaras for queens, princesses and the wives of heads of state, Graff’s conceives each piece at his design atelier; a study in unique design featuring rare diamonds and gemstones.

Today, after more than five decades at the pinnacle of the luxury jewellery industry, Graff continues to push the boundaries of ever-greater innovation and excellence. And, with the advent of the modern princess, the discerning elite whose flawless style is the epitomes of elegance and refinement, the tiara has transformed into the height of elegance, the diamond Alice Band…


“Over the last five years we have recorded a significant increase in the demand for our ornate diamond tiaras from our clientele globally,” explains Francois Graff, Chief Executive Officer at Graff Diamonds. “And our latest collection, which features a number of highly unique and contemporary designs, is an extension of this.”


From the intricate floral motif comprising an outline of round diamonds tracing intertwined stems, delicate leaves and petals placed in a single or double platinum row, to the single row of 39 beautiful white diamonds, the Graff Alice Band is now the preferred adornment of those who understand gems and epitomise style. As are the transformable diamond jewellery pieces, which can be worn either on the dress or atop the hair, and set any coiffeur alight with their distinctive twinkle…  Ultimately allowing every woman to glitter and shine; the radiant embodiment of a very modern princess.

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