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Hi there, I’m Alix Norman, an expert writer and editor with over 20 years of professional experience. 


A born wordsmith, I'm here to help clarify your vision, organise ideas, and craft text that has a lasting impact. When you work with me, you’re entrusting your project to a Cambridge-educated native speaker who knows the English language inside out (and back to front). You’re also getting someone who is highly skilled in audience engagement, SEO best practices, and emerging AI technology such as ChatGPT. 

I have a passion for connecting brand and audience. For me, every project is packed with possibility: the chance to change a mind, grow a business, and engage readers through the power of the written word. As a consummate professional, I've built a hugely successful career on my talents, experience, and expertise: skills that have made me the go-to writer and editor for governments, multinationals, and media giants, as well as private individuals, start-ups, and non-profits.


I'm always open to fresh projects and new clients, and I'd love to hear how I can make my sparkling copy and unique content work for you. Let's connect!

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Here's a brief overview of what I can do for you. You'll find more information on the Services page.


Clear, concise copy
Uniquely creative content
Words that captivate and engage


Text that rolls off the tongue

Precise grammar and usage

Every word has an exact function


Content that impresses

Perfect punctuation

Flawless format

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