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In the course of my career, I've worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of commissions: creating content that's captivating, informative, and always fresh. Be it a press release, long-form feature, marketing campaign, or website copy (or so much more - just check below!), I give clients the right words to stand up and stand out. 

Much of what I do is confidential, but below you'll find a few sparkling samples of my public content. 

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Black Mask


2-minute read

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, a few countries continued to impose harsh measures. This Sunday Times piece takes a look at how one particular nation coped with the latest strictures.

published in The Sunday Times print + online 


2-minute read

International fine jewellery brand Graff Diamonds commissioned this copy to promote their newest line of diamond tiaras. Aimed at high net-worth individuals, the text highlighted the modern-day princess.

published for Graff Diamonds International across multiple print + online channels


4-minute read

Both a business and tourist centre, Limassol is a city on the rise. The increase in foreign investment and an influx of multinationals has not only created a huge demand for high-end property, office space, and auxiliary business services but has also benefited the hospitality sector.

published for the Limassol Tourism Board across multiple print + online channels

Luxury Mansion Interior

2-minute read

This is the dream, realised. It’s your personal reward: resort-style luxury living in the lavish comfort of your own home. A private paradise of bespoke services and facilities around-the-clock, Dream Tower is your well-deserved sanctuary - your corner of Mediterranean heaven.

published in print + online by Dream Tower

Countries that depend on tourism have been hard hit by the pandemic. With tourist figures plummeting and thousands now on the breadline, how is Cyprus coping with corona?

Beach Umbrellas

4-minute read

published in The Telegraph in print + online

2-minute read

Hotel Patio

Today, 75% of tourists claim a resort’s environmental policies will influence their booking, while 96% of the readers of Condé Nast Traveller – the world’s most luxurious travel publication – believe hotels should be responsible for protecting the environment in which they operate.

published online through EkoNest brand channels

4-minute read

Italian Streets_edited.jpg

Well-known author and professor Constantinos Emmanuelle is celebrated worldwide for his fascinating interviews with elderly Cypriots. Now, with the launch of his new book 'Tales of Cyprus', he brings a lost era to light.

published on

3-minute read

published on


The dark web, floods of unregistered exchanges, and end-user anonymity have made cryptocurrency the proverbial hydra: cut off one head (or avenue of transaction) and another three spring up in its place. But, as regulators pass a host of stringent regulations to make crypto-assets more traceable, victory may be on the horizon.

published in InBusiness magazine


Long before the pyramids were built, centuries before Stonehenge was raised, Cyprus was practising viticulture: creating and savouring the forerunners of the warm reds, crisp whites and silky rosés for which it is, today, renowned...

4-minute read

4-minute read

Ray of Light

Illogical though it sounds, those countries with the most sunshine often see the highest rates of vitamin D deficiency. Integral to almost every process and system in the body, reduced levels of vitamin D  have been linked to a host of health conditions. 

published on

4-minute read

Holy Bible

For centuries, rich soils and heady sunshine have lent the herbs of Cyprus an unparalleled potency. Today, modern medical practitioners are drawing inspiration from the ancient curatives documented by the herbal healers of history in the mysterious Iatrosophikon...

published in Portrait Magazine

4-minute read

Woman Typing

Most of the world has moved beyond Facebook. But on this island, 94 out of every 100 residents still actively use the social media platform - the highest rate in Europe. What is that makes Cyprus so Facebook friendly?

published in The Sunday Mail

2-minute read


On October 9, 2021, five select companies spoke with CNN about their experience in the pioneering Visa Innovation Program. Amongst those chosen was iSPIRAL's Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou.

published on

4-minute read

published in The Sunday Mail

Corals Under the Sea_edited.jpg

In open water, there are hundreds of elements which can influence each dive: the temperature of the water, the thermocline, the salinity… And each athlete needs to spend time prior to the competition to bring their strategy, buoyancy, and dive routine in line with local conditions...

4-minute read

published on

App Screens_edited.jpg

Technology has redefined the way we live, work and play – and never more so than over the last 12 months. Who could have predicted that we would spend the last year locked in our homes, victims of a global pandemic that’s rocked our lives to the core?

4-minute read

Oia Santorini Greece

Think you know the Greek islands? Here we take a look at the hidden gems, secret beaches, quirky stays, and alternative eateries of Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, and Skiathos.

published in OnBoard magazine

4-minute read

Sustainable packaging

Going plastic free is vital to an organisation's brand image. As one of Europe's leading eco-certifications, the PFC website invites businesses to boost client appeal and experience while decreasing the company's negative environmental impact.  


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